Fag Democrat Racially Harasses White Anti-Abortion Protesters


Originally published at: Fag Democrat Racially Harasses White Anti-Abortion Protesters | Infostormer.com

So some faggot Democrat named Brian Sims was racially harassing a group of White pro-life protesters outside of a Planned Parenthood facility. He also explained on video his desire to dox them. All because they were protesting against an organization that encourages women to dismember the babies inside of their wombs. To make the situation even crazier, Sims is an elected state representative in the state of Pennsylvania.

Tucker Carlson covered the incident on his show and interviewed the woman who was being harassed by this disgusting sodomite.

Talk about a real shit show.

How the hell is such a creature allowed to hold any sort of political office in our country? And how is it that killing babies became a mainstream political position to begin with? This shows how fucked up our country is. It’s been totally corrupted by evil.

Hopefully this cocksucking piece of shit catches GRIDS and dies. He deserves to rot in hell for all of eternity. That’s my honest thoughts on the matter. If that offends you, too fucking bad. This website does not exist for the benefit of your feelings.


Another jew sodomite allowed to get away with threatening white teenage girls because of his protected minority status.


It’s weird. His wiki says he’s Irish but he looks and behaves like a kike.


They call them Minnesotan but usually it’s some skinny black Somalians.


abortion is their flagship issue. if they lose that the battle will turn against them.



Looky here! Someone posted it on DS! Dox that faggot!