Evil CIA.... Yes Again


how is it that people still think that America is a “free” country? The CIA is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL institution who’s crowning achievement is the torture-murder of 3000 on 9/11…somehow, someway our country is in tears over the natural death of the ex-head of the CIA, Bush. they are demonstrating his compassion by his anti-abortion stance but after you are born WATCH OUT. these CIA psychopaths have no qualms about killing you to start more illegal, endless wars. and i mean “psychopaths” literally. way back in the 50’s they were torturing animals and people in mind-control experiments that were about as sophisticated and as effective as VooDoo. … this is what happens when you pay lunatics to turn evil thoughts into reality without any oversight what so ever. the rule of law applies NOT to these monsters. they are a government within a government with a facade of freedom that gives them support of the masses and legal cover against prosecution for crimes against humanity.