Disrespectful "Youths" Boo First Lady During Speech


Originally published at: Disrespectful “Youths” Boo First Lady During Speech | Infostormer.com

First Lady Melania Trump was booed by a number of disrespectful “youths” during a speech she gave in Baltimore on opioid abuse.

Fox News:

Melania Trump received a “mixed reception” Tuesday at a Baltimore youth event meant to raise awareness of opioid abuse, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Trump was both cheered and booed by the crowd of middle school and high school students after she was introduced by Jim Wahlberg, the brother of actor Mark Wahlberg, at the B’More Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness. The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation partially sponsored the event.

Wahlberg tried to settle the crowd by asking: “If you have lost somebody you love or somebody who you cared about to an overdose, please stand up.”

However, the Associated Press reported the audience remained noisy throughout the first lady’s five-minute address. At one point, Mrs. Trump interrupted her remarks to say, “Hello, everyone,” before continuing.

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