this is why the Jew banksters who run The USA are using their all-Goyim army to invade and destabilize countries across the globe. The US jew-dollar is in decline but only because our pos lawmakers keep attacking other countries with sanctions to keep them in-line. the world is sick of being treated like children and tired of American Imperialism and so now are fighting back… all of the BULLSHIT about ‘socialism’ failing in Venezuela is designed for the simple-minded like Basketball-Head Jones and others who pretend that the economic woes of that country are because of bad socialist policies when IN FACT it’s US jew-dollar sanctions that are causing the humanitarian crisis.

when the CIA runs out of destabilization efforts they resort to a false-flag murder of their own citizens to invade countries that have eschewed the corrupt FED jew-dollar. there is no action so reprehensible that they will not do with glee to achieve their evil objectives of world economic domination. THIS is the crux of The New Cold War and Trump taking America to the brink of nuclear annihilation. it’s all about our jew-bastard banking system.