CNN Demands People Stay Off of Twitter


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The Jew-run fake news enterprise of CNN which just spent the past two years pushing the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory hoax is demanding people to stay off of Twitter. They claim the only way to understand the 2020 Democrat Primary is for people to not read what people are saying on social media.

Want to understand the 2020 Democratic primary? Stay off Twitter | Analysis by CNN's Harry Enten

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) March 24, 2019

I don’t think this is going to work.

It’s just laughable that they would publish an article like this especially in light of what just happened with the Russia hoax. Lots of young leftists are very angry that the Jewish media fed them bullshit and lies for two years. If anything they’re going to be more actively seeking out information from non-mainstream sources now.

I wrote a whole article for the Daily Stormer describing how the Russia hoax made everybody including the political left despise the mainstream kike media. They have zero credibility. Nobody believes them especially among the younger generations. They’ve become a laughing stock and rightfully so.


The Internet really has set us free - as Mr. Brimelow has stated over on “The Internet is as important to our civilization as the printing press.”

I’d say the written word, Mr. Brimelow - as it has allowed us to spread the word about the biggest lies we’ve been fed over the past several generations: about the Holohoax in particular.

This is how the media has been called out - not that I am a fan of Twitter, they have heavy-handed censorship, as does Facebook.
We’ll never be free until we have our own organizations that work in our favor - and stop listening to the lies of Jews.

Why the Internet must be kept free - as Jews are doing everything they can to crack down and censor content.