City Of Evanston To Use Cannabis Revenue For Reparations


The City of Evanston is taking on a controversial topic – reparations.

Evanston will start putting money in a fund to address the north suburban city’s decline in African-American residents, among other issues. The fund will be financed by revenue from cannabis – which becomes legal for recreational use in Illinois on Jan. 1. on news and current events.
So it begins.


Time for whitey to gtfo cuz they gots to fund them gibs.

Srs tho this will be welfare checks buying pot no? How does that create tax revenue?


Just cut out the middle man and give the cannabis directly to the nogs.


the average black costs the U.S. $10-$11k per year so they already had their reparations

$750k over a lifetime


Efficiency has never been the government’s strong suit.