CIA-Backed Hong Kong "Pro-Democracy" Rioters Occupy Airport


Originally published at: CIA-Backed Hong Kong “Pro-Democracy” Rioters Occupy Airport |

These Hong Kong “pro-democracy” protests and riots are getting ridiculous. They just occupied Hong Kong’s airport with a mass sit-in.

Everybody knows that this entire operation has been backed by American intelligence to goad the Chinese into deploying the military into Hong Kong.

One of the protest leaders was even photographed with an American diplomat. It doesn’t get much more transparent than this.

This is very very embarrassing. Julie Eadeh, a US diplomat in Hong Kong, was caught meeting HK protest leaders. It would be hard to imagine the US reaction if Chinese diplomat were meeting leaders of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter or Never Trump protesters.

— Chen Weihua (@chenweihua) August 8, 2019

The Chinese might just have to send in the military to deal with this. But if they do, we’ll see propaganda on the Jewish news media describing how China hates democracy and is evil.

Honestly though, the Chinese might just have to go ahead and send in the military to deal with this irregardless of the consequences. They certainly can’t let this continue on indefinitely. Hong Kong is a part of China and has been since the 1990s. And these protests have been manufactured.


Hong Kong might even have been a part of China since the 1990s BC… These rioting turds ought to give it a rest now.


I wonder how much longer China will be able to control its own population of about one and a half billion plus Hong Kong’s seven and a half million…CHINESE%20OVERPOPULATION


And with a relative scarcity of women. During the years of China’s one child policy many couples aborted or exposed female babies. So a lot of young Chinks aren’t going to get any – unless they go get some women from somewhere else.