Church of Sweden proclaimed Greta Thunberg 'successor' to Jesus Christ


Sweden , that place is an open air asylum.


This is worse than the “liberation theology”.

Did you also know that the Church of Sweden also has the “first openly lesbian bishop in the world” too? Wait some years and for sure they will begin to say things like “Jesus was gay”. Sweden is definitively lost.


Greta somehow reminds me of the fisherman’s wife in the fairy tale. The magic fish was able to make her a Magistrate, King, then Emperor, but when she asked to be made God, poof, she found herself back on the shore.


this is sick…


Sweden is reaching new levels of cuckoldry.

Two years from now, when this girl is insignificant, her mental illness will reach new levels and she’ll probably stab her muslim boyfriend. Everyone is setting her up for failure.


This has nothing to do with Christians or Christianity.

You can fill a bowl with shit and call it ice cream, it still won’t taste good.


I am not getting into a debate with a fedora about Christianity. I am telling you point blank that what that “church” practices has nothing to do with Christianity.


Church of Sweden has a dyke ‘bishop’ who wants to remove crucifix’ so as to not offend mohammedans. There is nothing they will not blaspheme.