Check This Kid Out His Video Had Been Taken Off YT



Wow. LMAO.


She will figure the jew problem out soon enough when they attack her.


Great stuff! Well worth watching. I wonder who writes her material?


“The site’s executives have only themselves to blame,” tutted Bernstein, before castigating the platform for deliberately ignoring “toxic content” as a growth strategy.
Yeah right. They can suck a fat cock in hell! Hats off to Soph!


If u watch the whole video, at that article, watch till the end, see the end credits, looks like there are 50 or so people contributed to the making of the video.


It’s a she.

I backed up her videos just in case.


yeah, i think that Basketball Head Jones was talking about him. they expected a ban.


i was wondering about that. it looks like a young girl, not a boy. maybe she’s a puppet for some Jews.


I saw that later but at first I was like this boy is dressed like a girl Muslim whatever it’s satire but I later realized it was a girl. Lol sometimes I can be slow. She sounds like a boy.


The last thing YouTube can allow is a clever girl who mocks and debunks all their sacred cows. The extreme censorship they practice is proportionate with their fear.