California Bans Schools From Suspending Disruptive Students


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Considering all the colorful savages in the California school system, it is interesting that they want to make it more difficult to punish them.

Sacramento Bee:

It is will soon be illegal in California for both public and charter schools to suspend disruptive students from kindergarten through eighth grade

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed into law Senate Bill 419, which permanently prohibits willful defiance suspensions in grades four and five. It also bans such suspensions in grades six through eight for five years.

The law goes into effect July 1, 2020.

A previous law had already banned schools from suspending defiant kids through third grade.

So it will soon be illegal to ban disruptive little niglets and savages from school throughout the entire state. That’s just great. Good luck with that. Sounds like it will out really well.

California is doomed. The people in charge of the government seem determined to pass laws that make it increasingly likely that the entire system will collapse in on itself.

This reinforces my desire for a huge earthquake to strike the state and for it to fall into the ocean.





I’ll bet they would make an exception in the case of a white child putting up a sign stating “It’s OK to be White”.


They are right disruptive students shouldn’t be suspended, they should be caned or whipped.


You can be sure they are NOT talking about WHITES, otherwise they would be going in the opposite direction with their discipline - calling for extensive beatings and such. No, most of the disruption is coming from beaner and black spawn.


Used to be school administrators were white guys. Now the majority are people of color, and or women who do not have the experience or education for the positions. The lazy, incompetent boss in industry “transfers” his problems. In schools they “kick-out” their problems.
I wonder how the new generation of school administrators will deal with the situation when they are forced to deal with these problem children. My experience is that Education attracts Liberals who have no practical sense. There are going to be a lot of “consultants” making money giving training courses on how to make this new law work.


In Saint Paul, it takes a tribunal to suspend a black kid because they get disproportionatly suspended.


They’re already doing this in Oakland. Yup, designed to exterminate the white race while making it dumber.


Back I’m school days, I remember all the niggers getting suspended and get happy going home for a week without education then whine when got back home with shitloads of work to catch up. It’s funny. However it’s not bad idea thought, make them niggers suffer staying at school have to do WORK lolz.


To add, of course the single nigger mothers never actually disciplined their kins at home while suspended. Mabye a yelling or a beating then let them do whatever they want while at home. Such animals!


3rd thing to add- my school has in school suspension program for mild to medium troubles. It was a great idea, depriving students of social pleasure, forced to stay in a tiny room doing study and homework depending on how many days you have to stay on the severity of your troubles. Honestly I enjoyed spending ISS because of the solitude the program provides. It taught me a good lesson. Imagine if u have to stay in solidarity away from social for a week (if u are a kid)
Usually they sent niggers home because of more severe their troubles are and the school policy must send them home.
I remember one gay student got suspended for 1 month for raping a boy and suspended him indefinitely from dorm and he had to commute home one hour each day. Ironically, that gay rapist ended up marrying the victim. The victim was a negro. So the perp was a gay version of a mudshark. Ugh. The victim used to be straight. I guess once u get your ass rammed with a cock then you’ll get GRIDS


The school district where I live blacks make up 12% of student enrollment yet they account for 44% of disciplinary problems.

I’m in the midwest and know quite a few people in education and they all tell me that education is not what it once was.
Many new white teachers give up after a few years and the black diversity hired idiots continue to rise in the ranks to administrators.

The Pacific Education Group started by a black man named Glenn Singleton is responsible for most of this insanity by claiming white curriculum and the educational system is inherently racist against blacks.


Perhaps we should practice segregation so they can thrive in separate communities. Plain and simple.


What this is, a desperate attempt to bolster the official line that negroes are just like us with a different paint job. We can have more blacks getting suspended that whites because of the negroe propensity for crime and violence. So let’s don’t suspend anyone and keep pushing the official government propaganda that we are all equal! These “disruptive” students need a cane or paddle applied to their bare asses. This is the only method one can use effectively with the negroe primate.