Burnley 'strongly condemns' banner flown above Etihad Stadium during Man City game

“Burnley says it “strongly condemns” those behind a banner reading ‘White Lives Matter Burnley’ that was towed by an aircraft over Etihad Stadium during Monday’s match against Manchester City.”

“We apologise unreservedly to the Premier League, to Manchester City and to all those helping to promote Black Lives Matter.”

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They should be ashamed and embarrassed about their own sickening behavior, not the banner.

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I just saw this headline flash across the screen at a bar I was eating at. WTF is wrong with these assholes condemning the White Lives Matter banner?

At the same time they condemn that banner… all these Premiere League players have jerseys with Black Lives Matter on it… its perverse and insane.

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And at the same time we’ve just had an ethnic Libyan ‘refugee’ murder three White men in an unprovoked attack in a Reading park.

Imagine if a White man had killed three Blacks. The (((media))) would have been talking about the “hate crime” incessantly, pundits would be going on about how all Whites were as ‘evil’ as Hitler, there would be a program of tearing down every statue of a White man and replacing it with a nigger or kike communist, and demands for even more “diversity” in Parliament, etc.

Yet the Reading attack never gets described as a hate crime, the attacker is merely said to have “mental health” problems, and there is even a warning that the attack could lead to more “hate crime”. Presumably, like someone posting “White Lives Matter” on Twitter, or on a banner flown over a stadium.

Anyone would think we were living in some weird dystopia where Whites didn’t have control of the media, the banks, and governments.


F*ckingh sick of hearing about BLM… it pushed by the Nose Media for a reason > Former Princeton Prof Spills The Beans: BLM Doesn’t Help Black People, The Dems Are Using It To Win Votes | News Pushed

and see this… > IT'S A COMMUNIST ASSAULT: Black Lives Matter Leaders Are Trained Marxists - Supporters of Socialist Maduro Regime - Behind the Removal of Statues Across the US

Wonder long it will take the African’s to wake up to the nose.

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