Brother Nathaniel on Kushner Christie & Trumpy


i tell ya, the more i learn about The Orange Goon the less i like him. Trump is beyond suck. i knew that he was beholden to Kushner for making him a billionaire but i didn’t know that Christie put his slimeball father IN PRISON. lol…


Yeah Roy Batty on DS wrote an article about that-

As a gubernor in NJ, he did some good like capping property taxes at 2% per annum. property taxes here in NJ which is highest in the nation. We paid $9,000 a year and rising for a quarter acre plot and just under 2,000 sq ft of living space. In 2000, it was 6,500… Now our obama’$ bitch potato nigger guv Phil Murphy is much much worse. He did too much leftist shit lately that got many normie centrist Democrats here pissed off

I miss Christie.