Brother Nathanial on Bolton's Zio-Award


Jesus came back but few took notice because that gosh-darned rapture didn’t happen… i’m certain now that Brother Nathaniel is The Messiah. here he is again exposing Trump’s pal, Bolton as a shallow zio-shill accepting -the violently UGLY JEW-, Sheldon Addleson’s “defense of israel” award. … Bolton makes no bones about wanting to send more disposable goyim soldiers to die for the very same people who did 9/11. imagine that…


I’m sorry sir but sadly Brother Nathanial is a Jewish convert. He has the evil jewish blood and anger. It’s why he dresses as a (sic) monk as he is a daughter of Lilith the jinn not of Eve. In my humble opinion anyways but who am I to say different maybe he’s different. I have listened to many of his jewtube posts and it’s a (((wonder))) he hasn’t been banned yet.


You misunderstand, he rejected the Satanic Jews and his comment section shows that in spades.

He converted to orthodox Christian
I’ve never found anything wrong on his site and the comments are a necessary read.


I never really looked deep into him I just know the basics. I’m not one to judge.


I will provide you with some suggested reading from BN. We all learn collectively through each other.