Brett Favre Exposes the Evil Kikes Who Bombed the USS Liberty


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Good news here. Brett Favre is confirmed to be one of /ourguys/. He just did a video exposing the evil Israeli kike terrorists who bombed the USS Liberty back in the 1960s.

Basically what happened is that the Jews bombed the USS Liberty in order to falsely blame the attack on Egypt. This was done to try and drag the United States into a war against Egypt on their behalf. Many Americans were killed and seriously injured as a result of this Jewish terrorism. The only reason the Israelis didn’t sink the ship is that the whole thing got exposed after some Soviet aircraft spotted what was happening.

It’s basically a lesser known and unsuccessful variation of what happened with the 9/11 attacks. With the 9/11 attacks, the kikes were successfully able to drag the United States into all sorts of insane wars.

The only thing that sucks about this is that this bullshit cuckery was posted on Favre’s Facebook page. So now sites like Buzzfeed are saying that Favre is pro-kike.

Talk about a weird post. Favre doesn’t seem like a man who would cuck so Anglin reached out to Favre on WhatsApp to find out the deal.

As it turns out, Favre had his Facebook page hacked by kikes and he totally disavows the cuckery currently posted on his page. Unfortunately, Facebook’s technical support has not been very helpful in helping him restore access to his account. He’s dealing with some Paki bitch who can’t speak proper English and it could take weeks for them to fix his shit.

Favre asked that his real post be spread on the Daily Stormer and presumably across the Internet. I am of course very happy to do this. The last thing we would want is for Favre’s real political views to be misrepresented by kike Buzzfeed writers.

It’s really great to see that Favre is of /ourguys/. He is a true hero of the Aryan master race!

Hail Favre!

Hail Victory!


The USS Liberty is a U.S. vessel that was fired upon by Israeli forces during the Six-Day War in 1967 that Israel mistook for an Egyptian ship.

This is still believed?


Yeah, that’s total rubbish. From what I recall from the survivor testimony, the USS Liberty was flying the stars and stripes in a very prominent fashion but the kikes kept bombing the shit out of the ship any way.


As a Bears fan I am conflicted in my support of Brett Favre but if the end result is The Really Final Solution then I support SturmbannfĂĽhrer Favre 1488%images


I knew Brett was going to pussy out. They always do when the jews start in with their inevitable whining. The first sign of trouble was in the original message itself. He said that both men and women were killed in the attack on the Liberty. But in '67 the Navy was still sane enough to keep women off of their ships. Women have no business being in the military at all, except maybe as nurses.


you tube removed the video the other day when it was first posted on the forum by Pelican


i tend to like teams who are more white and the packers used to be a couple years ago but now i think New England may be actually the whitest team but i don’t really follow it anymore.
I was always a Steelers fan growing up, we didn’t have much say in it but my parents were the types that didn’t let us have TVs in our rooms so me and my 2 sisters and my 2 brothers all had to share the one in the living room.
My dad was always watching the news in the garage , listening to a radio or had his head buried in a newspaper.


sometimes y’all play little jokes. is this true? Brett’s account was hacked and he actually said something totally different and hates jews? really?

generally anyone who says “remember USS liberty” knows what filth are the jews so i’m optimistic about Favre.


I remember the USS Liberty attack on June 8, 1967. Still pisses me off big time 51 & 1/2 years later. The media tried to play it down I recall by pumping up more news about the Viet Nam War protests. Three weeks later, they got a real godsend for covering it up. Actress Jayne Mansfield, “The Blond Bombshell” of the 1950’s & early 1960’s was killed in a card accident outside of New Orleans. First reports claimed she had been decapitated. It was actually front page news with many big city dailies. Publicity surrounding this tragedy (not the other one) lasted throughout was deemed the “Summer of Lover” & even a year later. By the way, she never lost her head. However, it proved one thing, the American people were just as dumbed down back then as they are today.


yes, in fact we were more dumbed-down back then because now we have the internet. hell, our evil military blew up a hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll more than once. that’s reckless insanity…


Damn right Favre hates the kikes. Anglin confirmed it by reaching out to Favre on WhatsApp.


@infostormer I really think that you are WAY better than Anglin and you are real, he is not. You have my support.


i have newfound respect for Favre. few celebrities indeed would have the courage to speak freely on this subject.


i think Farve’s a cuck who is so braindead and punch-drunk still from 300lb bucks tackling and brutalizing him that he didn’t really notice that he was being trolled by the GDL.
There is no way that this idiot would ever dare stand up and be pro white, no way in hell.
There have been multiple reports for the last few years that BF really does have permanent brain damage and issues with memory.
He left his kids somewhere a couple times and forgot to pick them up.
I think it was in the news so who even knows if its remotely accurate.


i would like to see that but somehow i doubt BF is anything but a cuck apologist.