Border Patrol Buying 2.2 Million Diapers


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The government doesn’t have money to build infrastructure to secure the border but they somehow have money to buy 2.2 million diapers for invading third world hordes.


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency is buying 2.2 million diapers to help deliver economic migrants and their young children into Americans’ worksites, schools, and neighborhoods, according to an online contract request.

The purchase implements the welcome policy set by a bipartisan panel in Congress, which in February directed the Department of Homeland Security to help the migrants — despite the impact on Americans’ wages, schools, and neighborhoods — instead of helping Americans by giving the agency the legal authority needed to block the migration.

The purchase request was posted May 31 and is numbered 20113222-a. It asks for diapers, baby wipes, and showers shoes. For example, the first item on the shopping list is “DISPOSABLE DIAPERS, SIZE 2 144 per case ALL ITEMS WILL HAVE 5 DELIVERIES DELIVERY JUNE 15 800 BOXES JULY 1 800 BOXES AUGUST 1 800 BOXES SEPTEMBER 1 800 BOXES SEPTEMBER 30 800 BOXES.”

The 2.2 million diapers are being bought with funds provided in the February border spending bill for the DHS. The bill included “$192,700,000 for improved medical care, transportation, and consumables to better ensure the health and safety of migrants who are temporarily in [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] custody,” according to a congressional Explanatory Statement of the provisions. The money is also being used to fly migrants from the border to their target job sites and homes in the United States.

This just gives further incentive to these invading hordes. They are being told that they’ll be taken care of if they make the journey and invade America.

Donald Trump was elected to put an end to this shit and he has totally failed. Stories like this is proof of his failure. How the fuck is shit like this even happening? This country is totally fucked.


They should infect the diapers with smallpox like the British did w/the blankets they gave to the Indians at the Siege of Fort Pitt.


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2.2 million catapults would be more cost effective.


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Aren’t disposable diapers really bad for the environment?


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