Black Employees Are The Worst


My research provides no evidence of anything critically important to western civilization improved dramatically by blacks. They can shuck and jive somewhere else.


omg… you should hear The Haitians down here. they even yell into their phones . it’s a sign of wanton stupidity…


I live in MN. Minneapolis Starbucks on a Friday far louder than any bar any where.


Immigrant Death League: Somalis vs Hatians?


Eating out is good if you find a place you trust, you just have to be very discerning.


I almost always eat a home these days even though shitskins are rare where i live.
It’s mainly beaners in all the restaurants in the cities near me.
Still, i don’t fkn think so


After my opa passed away, I went out to dinner with some of his fishing buddies. They had a list of non-mexican staffed restaurants to pick from. Delish! Best steak I ever had. Obvious pro-tip: never let mexis cook your steak.