Black Employees Are The Worst



This was probably their storefront sign.



Sheet dem huwhite jornlist bean waycust madafuka. Bad mace matedur!!!


BTW how can you be open if you score 52 out of 100? What does it take to close a nigger infested AIDs restaurant?


Wasn’t Denny’s accused of being racist a few years ago? I guess they wanted to diversify to refute the charges.


this is why i don’t go out to eat.


I went to Lithonia once. Very strange place. At the mall, I was probably 1 of less than 30 whites and the vast majority were blacks. It was VERY loud compared to other malls even with a similar amount of people.


Back in my college says, Denny people, ment losers.


I wish I had funds to open my restaurant. “The Great Western”. Chicago suburbia style thin crust, KC barbeque, and MN cheese appraisers.


Kansas City does have the best barbecue in the country… just sayin.


StL ribs are one of the worst. Outside of fried ravioli, STL could be worse than Detroit


St. Louis ribs are basically spare ribs with the thin side cut off, after that it’s the smoking and sauce that makes them delicious.


Luther’s in Texas used to something simular. I cant remember the name but in Chicago Union Station you could get a fine bbq rib sandwich. In Chicagoland, there was a place that put others to shame . Carson’s


Chicago style pizza as you mentioned is supreme. I’ve only been there once and the pizza was worth it.


Houston used to have a few good NY style joints. All White. Uno’s, which is Chicago’s alleged best deep dish was founded by a Latino Texan allegedly. Best Chicago pizza is the stuffed pizza.


Rosati’s used to make a good stuffed pizza. My Girls from out of state loved it plus gave them a reason to join me on history bike tours the next day to work it off.


I just get on the treadmill while watching YT music with headphones. Whatever works to get the endorphin going.


Hate the t-mill. Love hiking along abandoned rails and towns.


Unfortunately, hard working white people built our infrastructure here. Guarantee if i found one single poc then I would get grants on my research.


Research? Of what? Enlighten me.