Billionaire Jew Coal Tycoon Dies in Copter Crash


another pos billionaire jew DEAD. thank Allah…

this jew-turd donated $1000,000 to the Jeb Bush campaign which says everything i need to know about his slimy ass. good riddance to him and his jew daughter and other jews who also died in the crash. the world is a much better place without them.

Cline died in an accident off the coast of the Bahamas that also killed six other people, Brian Glasser, an attorney who represented Cline

this was definitely an act of God. the old man took out six super-rich scumbag jews in one horrific helicopter crash. i sure do wish that they’d release the black box recording of their last words so that i can delight even more.


As they say, death is the great leveller.


Ill-gotten gains. Nobody who has this much money today actually earned it.


Some good news today. 6 Arschlöcher weniger :+1: