Beto Uses El Paso Shooting to Promote His Presidential Campaign


Originally published at: Beto Uses El Paso Shooting to Promote His Presidential Campaign |

Beto O’Rourke who is from the El Paso, Texas area is conveniently using the El Paso Walmart shooting to promote his presidential campaign. After learning about the news, he did a short press conference and cried in front of the media about it.

Later he was doing interviews blaming Donald Trump for the shooting because he is a racist and tweets racist things.

This guy is the worst. It’s pretty sick how somebody would use an event like this to promote their political campaign but that’s exactly what he’s doing. There may be some credibility to the theories that O’Rourke assisted the shooter as part of a diabolical scheme to promote his failing campaign for the presidency. There should be a major investigation into this possibility.


He is a pathetic loser.


It is as if a junior high school kid is his campaign manager. Most people will see right through this.


Beto is definitely a beta.


Who would believe anything an admitted oppressor “slaver” would say?


LOL. O’Rourke crying like a little bitch in front of the whole world :joy:


Yeah and the women and beta cucks think he’ll make a great president.

All countries wouldn’t mind having a whiny bitch like this for president because they know they would be able to walk all over him, unlike Trump and everyone (recently) before Trump.


It’s like Trudeau 2.0


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This dude is literally Ivanka Trump. Goy who was from good Catholic family, marries child of billionaire Jew land baron.

Beto’s yid fil is known in El Paso for pushing poor browns off land to develop it. Made huge money.

He’s actually treated as Hispanic, but that fits the trans existence dems live - slave owning Harris the first Indian woman to announce candidacy for potus is the trans black; trans Beto, el hombre para le gente esta el gringo hispanico; Elizabeth Moonbean Beaver Pelt.

Nothing is real with them. Fucking clownshow.


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So anyways Beto is just an soyboy fag name point blank. I cringed when I first heard of his name on news