BBC apologises to Prince Harry for failing to warn him before using an image branding him a 'race traitor' with a gun to his head



Probably the only true and accurate image the BBC has put out.


In a sane world the letter of apology might have looked something like this.

Dear Harry,

We deeply regret showing an image of you blowing your brains out for betraying your race by marrying a Negress.

God save the Queen (despite her being White and heterosexual).


How do you think the BBC should have apologized?


In a sane world a member of the royal family would not marry a mulatto stripper.


I think the picture is quite good.


is he really a race traitor though?

if he’s in the royal family he’s probably half jew


I personally don’t know if Harry is half-jew, although I have read that Diana had links to the Rothschilds. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t read enough into this to make an informed opinion but, if true, her death would make more sense. Having an affair with a muslim would probably not have gone down well with any alleged jewish handlers or maybe it just pissed off her brother-in-law, Andy. However, the British Royal Family has betrayed the people of the UK, which was essentially a White nation because none of the present heirs (as in the grandchildren) to the throne are White.