Bastion of liberalism now bonafide SHIT-HOLE


LMAO! all we have to do is WAIT… the rich californians with walls don’t have to worry but those without walls are in deep doo doo, literally. one liberal guy had his tires slashed 6 times and can’t leave the house without worry of druggie break-ins. 100 million is being allocated for housing and drug rehab but all that will do is move the problem off the streets to be concentrated into a soon to be destroyed ghetto. but it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. mind you, these are the same dumbasses who oppose The Great Wall of Trump…

Residents who live near the encampments say mail regularly goes missing. Break-ins have jumped. Hypodermic needles and human waste are appearing on sidewalks and at local playgrounds. Residents have complained to police about harassment and even physical assaults.

and what do the politicians have to say about the problem. they claim that there is no link to the migrant / homeless invasion and crime. you can’t fix stupid…

“There are crime problems in Venice,” concedes Mike Bonin, whose Council District 11 includes Venice Beach. Bonin has come under intense criticism for his handling of the homeless crisis by Venice residents displeased with his support of a measure to introduce a massive, $5 million transitional housing project in their city. At the same time, Bonin says, “I can’t accept the idea that there is an inextricable link between crime and homelessness. It is wrong, it is not backed up by the data, and it leads to bad policy.”


Mike Bonin is a MORON. Yet the people in his district keep voting him in - he’s the one that put that area on a “road diet” - decided that people didn’t need to use their cars so blocked off one lane each direction on busy highways making them into two lane roads - immediate grid lock and back up - people were late to work, it took 90 minutes to get home - and businesses started closing along those roads (no parking).

They couldn’t get him recalled after he’d made their lives hell.

He finally backed down after the idiot LA mayor got involved and the lanes were restored.

Yet the idiot voters keep voting him in. He’s never met a homeless, drug-addled vagrant he didn’t love.

They deserve all level of hell coming their way. No sympathy - you get what you voted for, idiots.

When this “transitional housing” was set to be built in Korea town - all hell broke loose and Koreans poured into the streets to protest - the lefties backed down and the housing was moved somewhere else. Won’t happen in Venice Beach.


lol… all we must do is watch the show and wait…


You know it’s a Third World city when only the super rich and the desperately poor can afford to live there.


It sounds pretty unpleasant even for those with walled communities or homes-- they have to come out sometime.


yeah, it’s like the assholes in their vehicles who don’t yield for pedestrians in a parking lot.


London is heading in the same direction.