Are jews human?


Yesterday a muslim called them out:“Jews are not human!”

Are jews human?


Probably not. They might even be evil extra-dimensional lizards or some shit.

All I know, is that they are evil and do many bad things which is why I write about the bad things these jews do on the Internet.


I always thought they descended from the mix between demons and the different human races making a genetic unique to them hence that funny looking face that you can distinguish easily no matter if they have mixed with niggers, whites or asians and even look “like them” to people who don’t care that much about facial aspects.

Whatever Jews are it’s for sure they aren’t White people, Niggers or Mongoloids: they are something like another unique race product of inbreeding and genetic mixture between different races and for sure something that’s isn’t a human. One gets to wonder most of the time if their proclivity to evil is something genetic too.


I’m from Croatia, we don’t have even thousand of them, but fuck me, they hold high positions in many institutions and almost every politician kisses their asses.
And yeah, huge majority of them are subversive vermin, and there are some of “based” Jews which represent upper side of kosher sandwich.
In fact, reading Mein Kampf I can relate to Hitler 100% with both the feelings about nation, and start of noticing them. Gradually I began to hate them.


My best guess would be some variant of sub-human.


Lilith was Adams first wife and boom you have the jude.


You should introduce yourself in the “Welcome to the Infostormer Forum” thread.

P.S. Please don’t say ‘human race’.


I wasn’t introducing myself, I just found it relevant to discussion. Jews are everywhere, in every corner of the earth they stick their long noses.
Also “human race” is part of a quote from Uncle Ted. Take the Tedpill.


The sand-monkey’s right, but can you imagine the furore if a White German made a similar comment? Straight into the slammer with Grandma Ursula and all those other naughty Germans guilty of wrong-think.