Anglin not bad at all


I didn’t pay so much attention about the DS and Mr. Anglin in the past, due to lack of time and interest. But today i stumbled over one of his recent articles which is actually great stuff to read.
This article is a great analysis of the omnipresent leftist mainstream journalists. It characterizes these lying bastards perfectly. Anglin manages to expose them as the vile creatures they are.
I’m familiar with this types of journalists. It’s almost the same here in Germany. One can say it is even worse, as there are strong interrelations here between politicians and journalists. Many politicians and journalists are depending on each other.
The journalists of the mainstream press and television are very much responsible for the mess our country is in today. They are corrupting the minds of our people, so that many of them even embrace their own demise by mass immigration. The leftist narratives are dominating everything and have created a toxic environment. Any detractors are getting socially destroyed and ostracized.
Personally i always feel a lot of rage and anger when i see the covers and headlines of papers and magazines. And additionally the talking heads on TV. All this propaganda-bullshit they are hammering into our brains 24/7 and which unfortunately so many believe and adopt.
It is so sickening and disgusting.
Good journalists are very rare in these days.
I am not a fan of Anglin and i will never become one of his disciples. But this great work of him needs to be honored.


I’m no fanboi of his but sometimes he does good shit.


Andrew Anglin in London (London Forum).


Wont play here or jewtube


Anglin is quite a good writer and deserves a lot of credit for his tenacity. It is not necessary to agree with everything he does to appreciate that, and to enjoy his website.


It works fine for me. On YT just click that you understand the warning, & it should play.


I have the utmost respect for AA and his writers. Without him and DS I would still be in a state of depression.


I also don’t agree with everything Anglin writes but we are in total agreement on the core issues. There’s been some stuff that I’ve written for his site that he has chosen not to publish for varying reasons. But he is undeniably a highly talented writer and satirist. Plus his site is one of the few places left where you can find any sort of truth which is why I continue to contribute to it.

His work is critical because you can only get the truth from satirists and comedians these days. So called serious “journalists” are not serious because they don’t provide the full truth about anything.


Andrew must be doing something right to be hated by the jews. here’s a fat pos trying to hunt him down. lol…


I agree with about 80% of what Anglin says. I’ve considered contributing to DS (I do not need the money).


Can’t watch the video, unfortunately. It is censored here in my place…
So i guess the AA-man had some interesting things to say…


This is funny stuff. All the Nazis surely are shitting their pants in fear now, as fat man is after them :slightly_smiling_face:


They have emasculated so much the germans than they hate themselves.


Try here: Andrew Anglin in London - Invidious


Thank you Sir. It was great. They bleeped 3 things around minute 43. Do you know what was bleeped?


References to Golden Dawn’s being a nazi party, and a reference to Mein Kampf. Presumably to stay clear of some British law regarding the praising of Hitler and the NSDAP, or s.thing like that.