Angela Merkel Seen in Public Shaking Again


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The treasonous wench Angela Merkel who betrayed the German people by flooding them with violent low IQ brown hordes from the third world, has been seen in public several times shaking uncontrollably. She is clearly not well.

The Sun:

GERMAN chancellor Angela Merkel was seen shaking uncontrollably again today amid growing fears for her health.

She appeared to tremble as she received the Finnish PM Antti Rinne in Berlin.

It is the third time in as many weeks Merkel has looked unsteady at official engagements, sparking fears for her health.

On June 27 she gripped her trembling arms and pursed her lips at a ceremony in Berlin – nine days after footage emerged of her shaking for a whole minute.

On previous occasions she has blamed her unsteadiness on overheating or dehydration.

But the temperature in Berlin today only reached a mild 18C.

It’s time for this horrible bitch to step down and resign. She’ll probably be dead soon any way.

She is no doubt destined for hell considering what she did to the German people.



I hope this cunt has a stroke and spends the next 30 years in a vegetative state, breathing on a vent, covered in MRSA and bed-sores.


The German National Anthem appears to affect her like garlic to a vampire. It should be played often in her presence. Although I would prefer MRSA, I would settle for her to simply keel over dead during some opening ceremony.


i will say this for the horrid cunt, she’s pretty stoic.


Germany’s Angela Merkel is comparable to Colin kapernick of fusa since Germans are very humble people by nature


Has the witch ever aborted a pregnancy? If she did,the child’s ghost might be driving her crazy.

(for the record,I’m convinced that this really happens,and might happen reasonably often)


They’ll keep this witch alive like Bader-Ginsburg. She’s too important to (((them)))!


DIE YOU BITCH!!! For what you did to Germany.


What’s this bullshit about overheating and dehydration? Mr. Stormer and I hike through mountains and deserts all the time without shaking or passing out. Not to compare that hog-faced volks-verrater to our Fuhrer, but Hitler had some kind of tremor in his left arm after the loss at Stalingrad. Was it psychosomatic or an actual disease brought about by extreme stress?