Amazon is Selling Auschwitz-Themed Christmas Decorations


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Just in time for the Christmas season, Amazon is selling Auschwitz-themed Christmas decorations. But for some insane reason, not everybody is happy about Amazon selling what I would consider to be a very fantastic product.

The Sun:

AMAZON has caused outrage by selling Christmas decorations and novelty bottle openers that picture Auschwitz.

Products on offer include star and bell-shaped Christmas tree baubles featuring photos of the gateway and interior of the Nazi death camp in occupied Poland.

A magnetic bottle opener featuring a scene from the camp wrongly describes it as “the ­former Jewish district in Krakow.”

One horrified shopper wrote in the reviews section: “This is not Krakow, this is a picture of Auschwitz death camp. This is a Christmas ornament? How dare you!”

I’m honestly not sure why these people are so angry. Because the gassing of six million Jews in fake shower rooms is something we should be celebrating each and every Christmas. And these Auschwitz-themed decorations help us do just that.

Amazon should be congratulated for selling these great products. I’m seriously considering buying one of the Auschwitz bell-shaped Christmas ornaments. It will help me celebrate the Holocaust of Jews which I personally consider to be one of the greatest things to ever happen in all of recorded history.


I hope they do bonbons.


Isn’t Auschwitz the primary tourist and propaganda attraction in the region if not the world? These lovely ornaments simply draw attention to its vital importance! I’m sure a donation to the ADL would make any complaints about them vanish away.



Each one could be individually wrapped with the same picture and placed in a keepsake tin which would last for generations.


Why not? The holocaust is about as believable as Santa Claus flying in a sleigh pulled by magical reindeer.