Yuma, Arizona Totally Infested With Illegal Alien Savages


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A state of emergency has been declared in Yuma, Arizona because it has been totally overrun with illegal alien savages.

AZ Central:

Yuma, Arizona, Mayor Doug Nicholls issued a proclamation of emergency in the border city, saying the continued mass release of migrants directly into the community had become an “imminent threat” to life and property in the area.

The city lacks the resources it needs to handle the migrants, he said.

Yuma is the first border city in the U.S. to declare a state of emergency as part of its response to the latest surge in the number of migrant families reaching the U.S.-Mexico border to seek asylum.

“Today is a day that we had talked about three weeks ago, hoping never to get to,” Nicholls said at a news conference on Tuesday.

With a “heavy heart,” the mayor said he signed the document as a means to seek resources and to protect residents and vulnerable migrants.

“… the mass release of migrant families from federal detention facilities into the City of Yuma without provisions for adequate food, water, shelter and medical care threatens to cause injury, damage and suffering to persons and property located in the City of Yuma, Yuma County, Arizona as well as causing a humanitarian crisis,” the proclamation read.

Why are people even trying to give them food and shelter? They should just march them out into the desert and let them die.

Seriously, why should I give a fuck about a bunch of savages who have come here to parasite off of us? This is my fucking country. If their country is so shitty, they should be working to fix it. Their problems are not my problems. This altruistic nonsense about helping these invaders represents the death of everything America is and was.


Only force will stop them.


The inferior races have lost their fear of the White man. That fear was what prevented them from invading our countries in the past. It needs to be re-instilled in them.



The jew is the parasite and the beaners are the disease you get from the parasite.


funny that NO ONE is talking about the billionaire JEW who’s sending these savages to America. it’s like battling swarms of mosquitoes instead of improving the drainage. oh, wait, we do that too…


This is a point I’ve been making for years now, even going so far as to argue that it would be the best way for the Central Americans and Mexicans to help their less fortunate countrymen, those that lack the resources to leave. This argument was designed to appeal to normies, but I never got a single one to support it. And the MSM, as far as I’m aware, have never promoted such an idea.

Of course, spics don’t care a dried cat’s crap about their ‘less fortunate countrymen’.


What kind of entitled piece of crap just walks into another country and then says “okay, I’m going to live here now.” And expects to be welcomed and actually helped? These invaders are Trespassing.
And what kind of spineless group of cowards allow that to happen? Without a fight or even a facking protest???
I guess when the population is so full of beaners already from a decades long mexican invasion, it becomes hard to unite as a people of a town, city, state, country. “Diversity is our strength,” my ass. I know some idiot said that once… it is actually the complete opposite…
I guess when people are so PC brainwashed to be so afraid of being called racist that you do not even defend your community from invasion…
I guess when people lost their racial identity because no one ever taught it to them and it was discouraged at public school…
I guess when people get so selfish that they only care about money and themselves and their family and lose all connection to the race or "tribe that they came from and share the same blood with…
I guess when your Police are trained to serve the PC and liberal jew agenda and will attack and probably shoot you if you try to repel these invaders by force…
I guess then you are fucked
You know, I seem to recall that back in the old days whites would form a mob to deal with these type of things and guess what it worked. Extremely well.




on the up-side… the brownies are bringing DISEASES to The West. this is probably the only thing that will wake-up the brain-dead liberal filth because they can’t escape airborne viruses. and guess which areas will be impacted? SANCTUARY CITIES. LMAO… the liberal, globalist filth are digging their children’s graves.


@MightyWhitey…Not only are these diseases we in the west HAD basically eradicated from our society, they are versions from another country. Things mutate in different climates/geographical areas. They are bringing central american scabies, lice and other critters with them. Those bugs are also carrying their own microbial infestations. Central American strains. We did not grow up with their bugs and do not have the immune system to combat their germs. Sure antibiotics could stem the tide of sickness but even stuff indigenous to our own country is becoming immune to antibiotics due to doctors being careless and prescribing them recklessly. Our current medicines could be worthless rather quickly if some plague situation were to occur. The damage disease wise if left unchecked will be devastating and most assuredly horrifying.


Imagine if WE did this somewhere like China - stormed their borders demanding the Chinese provide us with a middle class lifestyle, preferences in the job market - housing, free medical care, free schooling, food, money, everything in our language - for life, for doing absolutely nothing - and then getting all mouthy about it and threatening to sue if the natives complain.

Honestly, how soon would it be before we got bullets in the back of our heads?

That’s because the government of China looks out for the Chinese (and ONLY Chinese people) while we live under foreign, Communist, Jewish occupation in our homelands.


the chinese are rounding-up their Muslims and putting them in camps…it’s largely the teachings of xtianity that is to blame. that and “democracy” which is a failed system… turn the other cheek… love your enemies… be nice to everyone… scumbag jews are taking advantage of this weakness and using it to destroy white countries so that they can conquer the world. so far so good…


Have you ever seen the documentary, After Armageddon?

It’s an excellent documentary. It ends not without offering some hope for the future.


Why did Europeans lose the conviction to stop burning witches? It wasn’t because of meekness, it was the result of self-doubt. It was the Enlightenment that crippled the European spirit, not Christianity. During the Renaissance European man considered himself only a little inferior to the angels. Three centuries later he feared that he was scarcely better than a monkey.

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