YouTube Announces Ban on Truthful Video Content


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The Jew-run enterprise of YouTube just announced an even more extreme ban on truthful video content. In order to justify their war on truth, they are classifying truthful videos or videos questioning mainstream narratives that make no sense as “extremist content” and “hateful content.”

The New York Times got some more details about YouTube’s newly declared war on truth.

New York Times:

The kind of content that will be prohibited under YouTube’s new hate speech policies includes videos that claim Jews secretly control the world, that say women are intellectually inferior to men and therefore should be denied certain rights, or that suggest that the white race is superior to another race, a YouTube spokesman said.

Channels that post some hateful content, but that do not violate YouTube’s rules with the majority of their videos, may receive strikes under YouTube’s three-strike enforcement system, but would not be immediately banned.

The company also said channels that “repeatedly brush up against our hate speech policies” but don’t violate them outright would be removed from YouTube’s advertising program, which allows channel owners to share in the advertising revenue their videos generate.

Considering that Jews do run most of the powerful institutions in the world, that men are far more creative than women and that White countries are considered by everyone to be the best, it is interesting to see how YouTube is going to ban any content that makes mention of these things. These are just truthful things that anybody can verify by accepting reality. But YouTube doesn’t want people posting content that deals in reality. They only want content that deals in and promotes the clown world given to us by Jews.

And even if the content doesn’t necessarily violate their policies, they are going to stifle the creation of “questionable” content by prohibiting these content creators from generating advertising revenue off of their videos.

It is not the role of YouTube or any of these other social media sites to be the arbiters of truth. Yet that is the role they have decided to fulfill. This is why the government needs to step in and regulate sites like YouTube. They need to be required to provide every single person universal and equal access regardless of political opinions or views. What they are doing is violating the free speech rights of people who don’t agree with their particular brand of politics. It is completely insane.

And Susan Wojcicki the ugly horse-faced Jewish cunt who runs YouTube can go fuck herself. Hopefully she dies. Thought policing kike piece of shit. Everybody hates you.


This kind of thing dovetails with stuff like FL’s Anti-Semitism bill.7a4


Jewtube still allows homosexuality, degeneracy, filth and anything else the jews push on our society. The truth is just too much for them to handle, especially when it had to do with them.


translation: they will ban any videos that tell the truth about the scumbag jews and their phony holocaust. i’m sure that they are eager to ban Brother Nathanial.


this carrot and stick approach is a well tested method of control. Advertisers do it with TV and Radio networks and this is a natural extension of that. It is a useful means to control the more successful channels and Molyjew fell right into the trap along with Alex Jewns and the rest of the Alt-lite cam-whores like jpw and pug-boy. I don’t really give a crap about people taking the jew geld, they are employees and that makes them beholden to their boss. What is interesting is the highly subjective classification system and I’m waiting for the libel lawsuits to appear. Having facts labeled with the highly inflammatory terms (((hateful))) and (((extremist))) is pretty offensive to anyone who values facts over feels and is a ham-fisted attempt at though control. Quite frankly jews, your rat-like game is slipping.


They have removed most of the good channels. Fuck 'em! I hope YouTube loses even more million$ because of this fuckery.

I’m sure you have a YouTube channel spewing hatred or death threats directed toward Whites then you are just fine. I just checked and yes, BLM groups abound on their shitty platform.
And what about those nigger rap singers? I’m sure they will not get removed either.


They deleted many good channels RIP Dennis Wise creator of TGSNT Communism in the back door he had great Content with hard hitting truth.


This is just the beginning of the jews’ assault on any criticism of their scams and lies.


I just heard from JewTube that they’ve removed a video I put up 13 years ago about how 9/11 was a “Zionist” job. It wasn’t condemning all jews, it didn’t mention their precious holohoax, it’s been up for 13 years, and now they change the rules and determine that it “violates” their “guidelines”.

So now, if you post evidence-backed factual content about events like 9/11, it gets classed as “content that encourages hatred of another person or group of people based on their membership in a protected group.”

In other words, a group of parasitic psychopaths concocts a hoax about how they’ve been “exterminated”, they use that to get themselves designated as a “protected group”, and when people start to naturally hate them because of their appalling crimes against humanity, that’s supposed to be wrong and instead we’re supposed to somehow love these ‘people’ who are busy killing us and trashing our civilization!


yes, i just mentioned that JewTube was going to delete truthful 9/11 videos. The Jews are desperate to keep the goyim at large from knowing that it was JEWS, not Arabs who did 9/11. there must be great pressure put on social media by the psychos who torture-murdered 3000 on that day and i’m betting that The Fake News is also upset because it exposes their coverup of the attack which continues to this day… on the up-side, what this purge means is that our campaign to enlighten the masses IS WORKING otherwise they wouldn’t care.


Race4survival here. Jew Tube shut my channel down last week. No warning or hate speech strikes like I normally get. I was unaware of the YT policy change so I figured it was because of the string of videos I uploaded after my hiatus and then I heard about everyone under the sun getting shut down.

I took those breaks in order to save my channel, let the strikes go away but apparently it doesn’t matter anymore. I literally said in my last vids that I was surprised this great purge has been implemented so soon. I figured we had a good 5-10 years of left.

Separation is the only solution to our problem. Negotiating (making a solid case based on facts) is now unavailable to us. Pick a part of the country to migrate to. Let the inevitable chaos around us ensue and secede. There will be blood.


Mister Metokur just had a live stream deleted.


Not surprised. Mister Metokur will most likely be totally gassed off of YouTube at some point. People like him, Styxxhexenhammer etc… will probably be gone soon. Especially if they’re fucking around with Steven Crowder of all people.


Sorry to hear about your channel.

I’m afraid you are probably right. These tech companies are basically going down the road of censoring more than half of America now. Violence is the only outcome when you impose such measures on people.



YouTube promise to becoming the most boring platform ever.
It’s pitiful! people doesn’t have any sense of reality anymore. It just show how delusional they are, from MIGA fags to the left, we are at a point in this circus world where a gay ZOG jew is gettting shut down because his opinion goes against Sanhedrin World Agenda. It’s doesn’t concern only nationalists now, even the shill opposition is getting jailed or banned all over internet just because what they say are going against ZOG agenda. Even if they’re comrades are getting beat up by antifas and than Trump don’t raise one finger against that and jailed all his supporters one by one, they still imagine some 100D chess game he’s playing against the deep state making him the new Buddha. How he can fight the deep state if he lock up all his supporters ? is that possible to be that dumb ?


The truth is undoubtedly antisemitic.


Thank you for keeping up on your website. Its been a long campaign. Since 2013 Infostormer, DS, Amren were my go to sources when making news videos. I’ve seen your websites go down in the past. That was after the post Charlottesville shoah on WN’s.

I’m a nobody in the movement but they’ve fucked with my channels/ blogs since their inception. My point is it doesn’t matter how big or small you are they will suppress pro-white ideology and eventually silence you for good. Undoubtedly, the thought police will be coming your way soon. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and good luck.


Thanks for Brighteon link. The first video I saw was Mike Adams from Natural News banned on FB. WTF is going on?

My Bitchute channel is: Race4Survival


Yeah, unfortunately they are trying to shut down everything. Doesn’t matter if you have 100 subscribers/followers or 100,000 subscribers/followers. I’m going to do my best to keep putting material out though. We’ll see how it goes. The jews can fuck off. I’m going to keep publishing material until I’m dead.