Young People Love Brenton Tarrant


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I originally found this clip posted over at the Daily Stormer. It’s a great video that I thought was worthy of a re-post. It shows a number of young people expressing their admiration for Brenton Tarrant.

It’s good to see this. It shows that we have been successful in creating a culture among the youth that is rejecting all this retarded politically correct bullshit.

The fact of the matter is that many people enjoyed seeing Tarrant slaughter all those Moslem invaders inside that Christchurch mosque. It’s why the Jews have frantically tried to stop the spread of the footage and his manifesto on all the big social media platforms. In New Zealand, they even went so far as to arrest a young man for possessing a copy of Tarrant’s GoPro footage.

The Jews have pushed all this racial diversity garbage so much that it is only natural to see the youth revolt against it. And these young people openly expressing their support of Tarrant is the ultimate manifestation of this revolt.


its a glimmer of hope in the sewer known as our reality in jude clownwelt


This really gives me hope for the future!


wouldn’t it be wonderful to see revolutions starting all over the world and the traitors being dragged into the streets and slowly killed?


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Awesome! This has made my day! :grinning:


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SS Commando Tarrant literally did NOTHING wrong.



Let’s put it another way. ((()))tube disabled all the comments for the Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s 1968 rock classic “Fire”. Virtually all were praising BT & his great taste in music while carrying out this most profound vendetta. Hell, I fell off my chair a few times reading 'em. For your listening pleasure.

P.S. I still can’t believe I use to listen to this stuff 51 years ago!


when i saw that Tarrant video when he gets back in his car with the radio playing, “Fire” i was ecstatic. i love Brenton. i’m going to see if i can find a contact for the guy so we can send him stuff.

ok, i found this on 8chan:
> If you wish to locate a prisoner, you can email your request to [email protected] or post a letter to:

> Head Office

> Department of Corrections

> PO Box 1206

> Wellington 6140

> New Zealand

It seems there are two options:

Option #1: Since he is in Auckland Prison, you could simply address a letter to him at the prison’s address.

Option #2: You could email the above address, asking for his information. Perhaps they’d include a prisoner number that is necessary to deliver mail to that person.

If going with option #1, then according to the prison’s webpage, the address to use for postal mail is:

>Private Bag 50124


>North Shore

>Auckland 0752

The prison’s website is:

https : //

I did some reading, and prisoners may spend up to $70 at the commissary per week, and may not have more than $200 in their prison bank account at any time. It seems the only way to send money is by addressing a check to either the prison, or to the inmate directly – their website says cash can only be deposited in-person at the prison.

If you addressed the check to the prisoner and post-dated it, I wonder if they could hold onto it until their balance is eventually under $200. If the prison keeps custody of the check, though, I don’t know if that’d work.

Somebody should ask him these types of questions in a letter, and explain that the response will be posted on 8chan, so that all pertinent information can be relayed to us.


I believe the count now is six facing indictment for possessing the video - such madness. It shows the NZ government is hiding the fact the attack was a government Black ops. to demonize whites and grab guns.