"You really are half Jew"


‘You really are half Jew’: Woman shames man she met on Tinder by publishing his anti-Semitic messages after he demanded she pay for half of their date and sent her nose emojis


Mizz Siepker looks and acts more than just half jewish! :nose:t3::star_of_david::nose:t3:


The nose knows╭∩╮╭∩╮


Definitively this jewish obsession over money is something genetic; there says the girl was adopted, though still acts like a normal jew from a jew family.

The man there really did an statement, not allowing her to jew him again.


There are so many creeps on Tinder, I wonder why anyone bothers with that site.

I’m sure this guy is saying the same thing!


That is one ugly skank,wooof!


See how she recoils. She’s been found out…