You guys ever worry about getting doxxed?


I worry about it sometimes… I recently got kinda paranoid and deleted several of my posts here… I’m not worried about (((Big Brother))) kicking my door in and dragging me off to the gulag. It’s just that I’m a single-father of a 2 year-old daughter and if I ever got fired from my job, we’d be screwed… I’ve been reading Wang Lin’s articles since the “Total Fascism” days and I’ve been lurking on these threads for just as long. But honestly, this account I have now is the first time I’ve posted my own thoughts about these topics.


I feel you man. Since I own my business providing shitty and dirty work servicing to elites and Jews in the town, if they ever find out and dox me then I’ll lose my livehood and support for my family. As long we lay low and don’t do anything stupid I think we are all good. Sure as we all do, I go to this site and the daily Stormer is something I go to escape the everyday Jewish insanity.


I feel the same way Bro. These sites are a small bastion of sanity in a world gone mad.


To add, while my father was running the business about 20 years ago, he worked for a rabbi, but he refused to pay for his services, then he decided to quit working for him, ended up being “doxxed” in his sonnaofabitch Jewish temple and ended up losing 10 clients. Honestly, he was pissed but 10 is a barely a dent lol. If I was doxxed in local news then it would be different because things are not like what it was 20 years ago.


It’s true dude. These days, getting outed as a “Neon-Nazi” is worse for your employment prospects than a felony conviction.


Yeah. Most importantly, we stand for what we believe and lay low until the time is right. I think it’s the best way for this kind of 1984 clown shit we are experiencing now.


You wouldn’t believe who I really am…


Lmao :joy::rofl::laughing:


I agree… Remember Uncle H’s speech when he was talking about the early days of the NSDAP? He said

“In those days, when there were only 7 of us, it was dangerous to be a National Socialist.”

It’s like we’re at that stage right now.


Yeah definitely… I’ll bet the white libturds, after realizing who’s who and all that shit then join us in masses


Truly brothers don’t ever say anything that could be linked back to you in terms of prosecution. Same as at the casino don’t bet more than you can handle…