WWIII for Bankster Jews


warmonger filth are still in-charge of our country. somehow it’s lost on the american people that “we” just invaded a bunch of Mid-East countries after BushCo murdered 3000 in a false-flag event to punish those countries trading oil in non-US, Jew-Dollars. Now the Orange Goon, war-puppet is pulling a Bush by saber rattling at Venezuela for doing the same. apparently the American people don’t see a problem here and so prepare for even more war.

in fact the American people are so into war that they proudly proclaim that their ‘kid’ is in the military with bumper stickers. they are goddamned clueless but some will contend that it’s not their fault because of The Fake News. This is a fallacy. The information about US imperialism is out there for all to see but you don’t really need someone to tell you that this country is completely out-of-control because it’s painfully obvious given the insanity of the last 20 years.

ending the endless wars was one of the main reasons we supported Trump but we just get lip-service to this effect. Trump is desperate to keep his base by pretending that he wants to get troops out of The Mid-East but that’s BULLSHIT. the ONLY reason the US military wants to do that is to free-up soldiers for the next “real” war with Russia and China.

Trump is stringing us along by pretending to be standing tough on “the wall” but this is a smokescreen. Immigration reform is much more important than a wall but Trump doesn’t talk much about that any more because he can’t get it done. the endless wars are now on the back burner which ensures that more wars are to come.

Trump supporters must keep the pressure on the Fat Dummy to keep his campaign promises to stop the wars and to stop policing the world but with the addition of Bolton and Abrams to The Trump Administration this isn’t going to happen any time soon…

and what’s happening behind the smoke? WAR PREPARATIONS WITH CHINA AND RUSSIA… why?, an inquiring mind might ask? well, silly, it’s because they too have eschewed the corrupt FED jew-dollar but are way to powerful to invade outright and so the war games begin and goyim pawns are eager to AGAIN fight and die for BANKSTER JEWS.

The exercise is designed to train troops for the next war — one the U.S. believes will be against a more capable, high-tech enemy like Russia, North Korea or China.




He’s doing such a great job, not.


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I know. He had a great blog that had been up for years with good information and with one click of the delete button they can erase your creativity and 1st Amendment just like that.

We still got Incog though.:+1: