Woodrow Wilson Cancelled From Princeton University

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Former President of the United States Woodrow Wilson has been cancelled from Princeton University because he was a racist and screened Birth of a Nation at the White House. As we know, this film was a terribly racist movie and caused many hurt feelings.

On November 12, 1914, Woodrow Wilson told Black civil rights leader William Monroe Trotter, "Your tone, sir, offends me," and threw him out of the White House.

Three months later, Wilson screened the pro-KKK movie, Birth of a Nation, at the White House.https://t.co/PtMsQNmMJH

— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) June 27, 2020

Wilson was a piece of shit, but being racially aware about niggers was one of his few redeeming qualities. Wilson allowed the Jewish Federal Reserve banking system to be put into place and got us involved in World War I for the benefit of Jews.

So yeah, maybe Wilson doesn’t deserve to have his name on a building, but he shouldn’t be cancelled because he was a racist. He should be cancelled for the other reasons I mentioned. At least those would have been legitimate reasons to cancel him.

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