Woman Expresses Her Hatred of Niggers Outside a CVS Store


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A woman outside of a CVS store in the Los Angeles area courageously expressed her hatred of niggers. She even said that she’d kill niggers if she wasn’t prevented from doing so by the law.

While it is very funny to see a White woman rant about niggers like this, there’s a more important aspect to this story that is worth mentioning.

The Jew Anti-Defamation League via the Washington Post and the local media have been trying to claim that just saying the word “nigger” is illegal. This is not true but they are trying to brainwash people into believing that it is. The people in the clip where this woman said “nigger” over and over again actually talked about calling the cops on her thinking that it is illegal to say “nigger.”

It looks like this entire episode got her fired from her job and she has since apologized which she should have never done. It’s not like she’s going to get her job back for saying “nigger.”

The bottom line is this. Never apologize for saying the “nigger” word. It is your right as a White American to say “nigger” as many times as you want. If black niggers can’t handle a White person calling them a “nigger” that just means they should fuck off to Africa so they can avoid having their feelings hurt.


The day saying “nigger” truly becomes illegal this stupidity will have hit rock-bottom: it’ll be an orwellian nightmare, like being chased because you said “nigger” ironically on the internet.

At this rate, I should have been convicted to the electric chair already due to how many times I’ve said “nigger”.


You won’t even be able to say ‘nigger’ in your car because the chip will listen & report you to the cops.

And this woman worked in Hollywood as a costume designer, so she had an IMDb page (or set of pages) & someone added an “acting” credit that brought up the video of her rant, though it was taken down after a while. But some Antifa scumbag put this on her IMDb page just to make sure that she lost her job.

[edit] Nigger.


The hooknose clique is giving the video lots of airtime on the news. They want to put out false narrative that “hate speech” is a punishable offense.


Indeed. Stupid nigger reported this to police as if it was.


apparently Jew York City just passed some law that would fine you $50,000 for using the term “illegal alien”

  • up to $250,000…


Most whites feel just like this delightful young lady does. The 1964 civil rights act forcing whites to hire, work with, and send your children to school with niggers, is still causing hate to this very day. When you are forced to associate with niggers, it makes you hate them more not less. The people behind this integration and forced nigger assocation, thought this would make you see niggers as being just like us with a different paint job. The truth is we saw them as for what they are, low IQ, violent, criminal sub human apes.


Years ago I read a comment on Niggermania which said. “If I ever started judging Negros by the content of their character, they would beg me to judge them by the color of their skin.” This is an excellent point.


This is an area that is not known for having a lot of blacks, and I’m sure the residents of that area don’t want them there - but it appears that Section 8 housing authorities are shoe-horning them into nice neighborhoods all over California.

I am seeing them increasingly in the area I live in where homes start in the $900,000 - in the supermarkets, walking on neighborhood streets. Urban blacks, not wealthy blacks.

Negro fatigue is real - and blacks are a criminal race.


ironically, same with Docta Kang - if he was judged by the content of his “character” lol


Seeing the same thing here in Florida outside of orlando in all the new developments.


Living in California, I am sure you are aware that since at least the mid-1990s, Mexican street gangs across Los Angeles County have been targeting, beating and sometimes killing Niggers in an attempt to drive them out of the region --ethnic cleansing–. This is happening throughout California where these wetbacks are taking over… The.Multiculturalism experiment is blowing up in ((( their ))) faces…lol…


Yes, and as (((David Coleman))) has pointed out, the murder rate has gone down - due to ethnic Mexican replacement.

Of course, black leaders and other pols in California turn a blind eye to ethnic cleansing of blacks from their historic rioting areas in “Watts” aka “South Central.”

This is why I believe the government has stepped in and is moving them into White areas - they’ve already destroyed the desert areas of Lancaster and Palmdale.


Somebody recently told me that San Diego was fairly nice (which, frankly, is something I would not have suspected). Would you say this is true? @Steve, any opinions on this?


My impression is there are a lot of homeless there too in the “city” area - the outlying areas are very nice - I have family in Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla and it is nice there.

Also, the weather can’t be beat anywhere…some say it is the best weather in the U.S.


Before the early 70’s ,San Diego was about 96% white–mostly middle class-- when my Grandparents lived there. Now it’s about 60% and dropping but still has it’s beautiful qualities… The beaches are awesome . Low crime safe areas still exists in wealthy gated communities . But sadly with the browning of America, I see a bleak future.


Even retards despise the niggers


I’ll disagree.
All primates are far smarter and civil than the niggers.


I lived in the San Diego beaches area back in the late 70’s and 80’s.
La Jolla (Blacks Beach), Mission Beach (Belmont Park, The Boardwalk), Coronado, Imperial (Venereal) Beach (last beach before Mexico) were all relatively crime free areas as the wetbacks and lowlifes couldn’t afford to be there and stood out like undesirables.
Used to watch the Border Patrol on those old 3 wheel Honda “quads” chase the wetbacks that just crossed the Tijana Slew (river) into America.
Plus the army, navy, airforce and marines would be flying A-10’s, helicopters, etc, dropping off and picking up marine exercises and out to aircraft carriers off shore.
Ah, the good ol days.
Last time I was there was 2012 to visit old friends and it sure has turned to a 3rd world shithole, even some of the mentioned beaches have eroded into crime areas with niggers and wetbacks festering like filthy diseased rats.
But that seems to be the trend all over North America.IMG_1519