Woke Mob Wants Star Spangled Banner Cancelled

Originally published at: Woke Mob Wants Star Spangled Banner Cancelled | Infostormer.com

The Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key. He was a White man born hundreds of years ago and that means he was racist and must be cancelled. The woke mob is proposing that the national anthem be replaced with John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

National anthem should be changed to John Lennon's 'Imagine,' activists say https://t.co/Bn32tZceCp pic.twitter.com/aSgu9AOASy

— New York Post (@nypost) June 26, 2020

I totally disagree with this. If we are to replace the national anthem it shouldn’t be replaced by another song done by a White male. Lennon was born in the 20th century and that means like Key he was racist.

America’s national anthem should be a gangsta rap track written and performed by real g-niggaz from the hood.

I’m sure these based g-niggaz from the hood would be able to compose a proper national anthem that reflects the new America that is being formed.



I want these fucks to worry about patching bullet holes in their friends - not the national anthem.

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I am amazed the 4th of July hasn’t been canceled.

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