Why the Fuck is Everyone Celebrating D-Day?


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Throughout the day all I heard about was how important it was for us to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. This was the day when allied forces invaded Europe with a massive armada of ships carrying thousands upon thousands of soldiers. The successful invasion led to the defeat of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich in World War II.

The reason why Jewish clown world exists, is largely because of this military victory. It has given us the following.

  • Normalization of transgenders.
  • Faggot marriage.
  • Legalization of women murdering their own babies.
  • Promotion of race-mixing.
  • Rampant feminism.
  • The destruction of marriage as an institution.
  • Jewish banks manipulating economies with a digital usury system.
  • American military forces being used to fight wars for the benefit of Jews and Israel.
  • Jew-run technology companies censoring anybody that questions the ruling establishment.
  • White countries being flooded with all sorts of third world filth.
  • Whites told that they should hate themselves by the education system and popular culture.
  • Jewish media operations that lie and spread all sorts of fake news.
  • Degenerate forms of art and film promoted in public life.

I could go on and on.

D-Day helped bring us the world we live in today and the world we live in today is nothing but a Jewish cesspool of shit. I hate everything about this sick and disgusting culture.

So no, it is absolutely insane to celebrate the D-Day victory. The world would have been far better off if Adolf Hitler led Germany to victory in World War II. Can anybody argue otherwise? If so, I’d like to hear some logical arguments.




TITLE: OVERLORD: The Unnecessary Invasion
AUTHOR: William F. Moore, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF

[ This document ] Assesses whether the OVERLORD Invasion of Normandy was necessary for military victory in Europe during World War II. [ It is concluded ] that it was not necessary, based on Russian success against the German Army on the Eastern Front, the ability of the strategic bombing campaign to destroy German war support industries, and the extended political uncertainty concerning the requirement for OVERLORD which preceded the final decision. [ The report ] Concludes with a discussion of possible allied motives for assuming the risk associated with OVERLORD when it was not necessary for victory.


If you look at this last link it shows the majority of Wehrmacht forces were on the eastern front even after D-Day and the allied invasion of France.

From a military standpoint D-Day was a catastrophic loss of life but did the half black/Jew named Eisenhower concern himself about that? He knew what the horrendous plan was all along for Germany. Complete war on the German people and it’s beautiful cities by a relentless and never ending bombing campaign for maximum destruction of the most advanced people and DNA on the planet at the behest of the Jews.

The Russians wore down the German army divisions in the east while the American bombers unleashed hell on the German population.


Come on, Mr Lee, you know that the media jews are hyping D-Day up because the Brainwashed Boomers are dying off or too senile to rememeber the War, Gen X is too busy trying to pay the mortgage and the Millenials are apathetic. It’s the same reason Holohoax “survivors” are being immortalized in Holocaust museums by holograms of themselves.


The D in D day should stand for “Degeneracy, Debauchery and Degradation” That’s what the US turned into after the defeat of Germany.


Nothing like celebrating the destruction of the most advanced and enlightened society of our age and the catastrophic results of our own folly.


BATTLE OF MIDWAY - June 4-6 1942 the greatest military victory by the United States was over shadowed by this years 75th D-day anniversary. Maybe next year this great battle will be remembered as it should.


i minced no words on youtube in the comments about d-day. it was an epiphany for me when i realized that The Nazis were the good guys in WWII. my father knew it but didn’t push it on me. he’s now dead but i wish he were here so that i could tell him that he was right about the Jews.


My question was more rhetorical than anything else. Much of the material I publish is not necessarily meant for people who are already on board with us. It’s meant to try and convert new people to our cause.


I absolutely agree with this article about D-Day. This day should not be celebrated. It should be condemned!
There is nothing good about this day. It rather marked the beginning of the end of Western Christian civilization. In succession of the invasion jews and their proxy-armies finally took control over Europe. This led to the dissection of Germany and Europe, and to the Cold War between East and West. Europe was divided by the so-called iron curtain for more than 40 years, most East European countries were ruled by Bolshevist regimes. The West became decadent and materialistic, the East became communistic. About 1990 came the shitty New World Order and since the Millenium everything seems to go more downhill…
It is always said the Allied victory over Germany was the liberation of Europe. But actually it was the enslavement of Europe. This becomes more and more evident in these days…
Yesterday i saw some footage of the elaborate celebrations in the TV news. The orange man was there, along with faggot Macron and ugly hag May. They were pretending some emotions and talking common bullshit. Also a lot of hoary half-dead allied veterans were posted around there. These poor old men. They fought their white brothers in that war, for the benefit of the eternal Jew. But they could not know better and they had no choice. Fortunately we know better today and we should draw or own conclusions from this disaster…


And, of course, his Zio-jewish masters made sure Trump was over there for the D-Day celebrations to gain media maximum exposure for the goyim with Muh Nazis and Muh 6 Million.


Been saying the same thing to everyone. To them, I am committing blasphemy or heresy but I do not care.

Refuse to worship the military! All they do is fight for the kikes!



No shit.

Although I was reading through several Gab threads and there were a LOT of based comments - Jew-aware and challenging the Jew-i-fied false WW II narrative.

IOW, the goyim know - know who is behind Cultural Marxism and why.

British Historian David Irving:

"If the British soldiers on the beaches of Normandy in 1944 could look forward to the end of the century and see what England has become, they would not have bothered to advance another 40 yards up the beach."

It was the sacrifice of the men who stormed the Normandy beaches that enabled the cultural Marxists to create a "new" Europe; one in which Globalist criminals like Macron, May & Merkel could rise to high office.

–Mike King

General Patton knew the truth and for that, he was killed…


:sob::pray:t3:Damn preach! they pissed me off two days long with that crap. The back stroking of veterans was as disgusting as always, it was mostly about: Don’t forgot goyim to sacrifice your arm, die and die by opioids overdose for Israel!
Also anytime than they preach Churchill the fatty drunkard exterminator of Dresden makes me want to puke. D-Day was a Doomsday, Europe is dead in 1945. Nobody won this war! everybody lost it, it was the day where finally the Sanhedrin World Order can put his claws on Europe for good. The coward commies scums who have come into resistance before the last day, have found nothing better than shove innocents women heads and deliver gruesome tortured to collaborators, only because they had sex with aryan. Like i said previously, i will never understand how you can call yourself a libarator and a savior by bombard half of the country than your supposed to save, people should think about it before acclaimed them, they haven’t libarators but just a another occupation force who take the place of another occupation, that it.


D is for Doomsday of course!