Why Jews Act Like Jews


If anyone is interested, this was posted by the co-owner of my Disqus Channel. She did a pretty good job of making sense of typical jew behavior.


I’m ꓘΞK there.


I think I’ve been there a few times.:wink:
Friendly people with similar beliefs and ideological conclusions.


I stopped using disqus last June. There’s too much I distrust about them. But maybe you could C&P a sample or two here. It’s just a suggestion.


I was banned from a few Disqus sites there years ago too, however Mickey’s is legit to the core. Post what you want or borrow memes like I do. Just found one, you’ll like it.



Nice meme. But my concern about disqus is in fact with disqus itself as a social media platform. I don’t trust them not to pry into my personal affairs. I wish I could say otherwise. They’re just too nosy for my liking.


Fair enough, your fears are their victories.

Get a VPN if you’re super scared about anything you post or have a conviction in and what you believe. You choose?


I’m not pushing, or even asking anyone to post there. Disqus is owned by kikes, and completely infested with hasbara. I’m beyond worrying about it anymore. If they want me, they probably already have all the information they need.

I was just suggesting that people may want to read the article. You don’t need to sign in to do so. We have a whole series on NS too.

Here’s part 1…


Yeah, Disqus is definitely a dangerous platform, and now that the Chinese guys who made it sold it to jews, I suspect it will get worse. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to mess with it, if you’re not already doing so.


I just don’t use (or trust) any social media. Also my wife & I try to set an example for the kids: we encourage them to avoid social media sites & services, so we avoid them ourselves. It’s just that simple.


this lying jew-turd had Doprah in tears.


there is a recurring theme here. what’s happening is that bankster jews are lending their brethren money to buy-up the internet.


Yes, the jew banks are the main culprit in most of our problems.

The other recurring theme, is in how these jews are using social media to spy on us. Zeta Global bought Disqus for millions more than it was worth.

The reason they did that, is because they are a data mining company. By changing Disqus from a commenting platform to a data mine, they’re extracting value where it didn’t exist before.


Yeah, I stopped posting comments on Disqus, because I think they are compiling records.


Yep. My posts were being either heavily edited or completely deleted with increasing frequency on Disqus.

Free Speech? Hardly.

Better here or DS, especially the kind of commenting I like to do - expose Jews and black crime!


We both had our comments edited or deleted at AmRen. You never had that happen at Mickey’s though.

While we’re on the subject, AmRen does seem to be allowing some jew wise content and comments lately.



AmRen in particular was pissing me off - it seemed like every single comment I posted was being deleted.

I don’t trust Disqus.

Will send you a PM later today.


Wen I try post comms on PressTV, 2/3 of the time they get censored, they just dissapear. I thought P.TV were censoring them, and I was giving them abuse for it telling them I hoped they died etc. Then somebody said the comments were getting banned from th jUK. I was like: yea that makes sense. Bastrds!