Why I Will NEVER Vote For Trumpy McTrump-Face


look folks… i know you have hope about Trump’s presidency but this dooms it to failure in my book. Trump KNEW ABOUT 9/11 and now puts a bonafide 9/11 psychopath into his administration. 9/11 was THE BIGGEST EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY and all of our “leaders” are pretending like it’s ancient past. no one has the courage to expose the terrorist torture-murder of 3000 of our countrymen. they are all cowards like the fake news CNN filth. Pees in a pod…

Iran is our last hope to eliminate the state of Israel and Trumpy McPompeo are licking Jew ASS daily. what a goddamned disgrace. Pompeo needs to lay off the Twinkies because he’s now a bonafide FAT-ASS who thinks he’s a bad-ass.


An alliance between Red China, Russia, Syria and Iran would be ZOG’s worst nightmare. Let’s hope it happens!:israel::bomb::boom::clown_face:





He might seemingly do some good things? LOL. He’s a joke. Completely controlled by ZOG.


“The perfect is the enemy of the good.”