Why Didn't "The Media" Expose Creepy Uncle Joe Long Ago


i sent the corrupt fake news outlet, NPR some Creepy Joe Biden links long ago and didn’t hear shit from them -which wasn’t a surprise-. and then today they were bashing trump for successfully fundraising as part of their “news” segment.
The Fake News has finally been shamed by the real internet news into running some of stories about Creepy Joe especially since women are now coming forward and telling of how uncomfortable they were around him. for decades, the liberals were covering for a creep who pushes himself on women and children but pretending to care so much about women’s issues and exhorts everyone to “believe the women!”. what a bunch of scum…

just as i predicted if Biden ran for President, he will be exposed as a perv and this time it’s his own party going after him because IT’S ELECTION TIME. they didn’t care until he became ‘the front runner’.


The (((media)) didn’t expose him because he is working for the same interest as them which is white genocide.

Biden is a ZOG idiot and a useful tool to them.


Nice videos. Where did that first one, from Intelligence Mountain, come from?


It’s just something to contemplate. Why do you ask?


I was interested in watching some more of their stuff. It doesn’t appear to be a YT channel, so I was just wondering where it came from, or where you found it. I also googled the name but didn’t get anything.


@DrTeapot It was in a reply at Renegade Tribune to one of their posts. I can’t source it. Will try tomorrow.


omg… his name is Eric Holder and he looks like Obama. LMAO!