Who said Brown people are underachievers


From ruling the waves to ruling nothing at all in a few generations. Diversity in all it’s brown glory. With poos you lose.


Diversity is truly our greatest strength.


Part and parcel of Sadiq’ rule.


Morgoth has just posted a video on this topic on his blog Morgoth’s Review.

He doesn’t specifically address the issue of crime, but the whole video deals with how un-English London is now.


Brown people never seem to get the credit they deserve for these achievements.


Interesting read, and this is why the English voted Brexit and London voted remain, how can you have an England when the cultural heart and homeland of its capital is on the other side of the world? the cosmopolitan ideal looks great in a glossy magazine but black yoof gangs on scooters and muslim scum throwing acid in faces is the reality.

I watched Borderless a couple of nights ago (the intro is total bullshit - Arab spring was CIA from start to finish) and it struck me that the Jewish slave trade has never really ended and the latest version (human trafficking) has the product pay all associated costs.