Who’s Really To Say That The Moon Isn’t A Part Of Mars?


I’m at a point where i applause everything than Trump say just because it pissed of libshits and it works very well, i want than he get reelected just for that.


I think space travel is a colossal waste of money given all the problems we have down here.


Yeah me too, the mankind is made for live on earth not in space. Beside i don’t think even than moon landing happen, it smell fake.


The moon LAnding was shot in jewwood. But I do believe we landed there but were never able to leave when they landed.


it’s an obscene waste of resources. the fools think that we have people ‘in space’ when in fact they are weightless only because they are falling in orbit around the Earth, not because they are out of the gravitational field of the earth. humans cannot survive " in space". still, the masses never tire of watching their ‘heroes’ in a “weightless” environment.