White kids resist mexican parade 1990


Our local beaners decided to have a Mexican independence parade without a permit. Now this was in September not cinco de mayo when they celebrate beating a french army in Pueblo. We Krauts celebrate beating French on the holiday of Sedan Tag of the same Frog or just every Saturday. I digress. These cholos started to drive their lowriders through out town and everyone was pissed. In true boomers fashion, did nothing. I, however utilising my Super Soaker 200 and water ballons decided to go Red Dawn Wolverine on their burrito bonanza. Boy were they pissed. My Lithuanian neighbors joined in on the fun and when we ballooned a El Camino’s speaker, one almost pulled his piece. Local cops did nada but let my Opa know about it days later. Got scolded, hugged, water gun confiscated.