Wheels come off the Southern Poverty Law Center


“A current SPLC suit is vintage Dees, seeking punitive and other damages against Andrew Anglin, owner of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, for allegedly doxxing and harassing a Jewish real estate agent who had dealings with the mother of another white supremacist, Richard Spencer. Anglin has no fixed address and faces lawsuits by others, so it is unclear how much the allegedly harassed agent, Tanya Gersh, will ever collect from him should she win her case.”

“Dees spent most of his time growing a direct-mail marketing business that he’d started at college, selling everything from doormats to cookbooks. He sold this business in 1969, making himself a multimillionaire. He had a flair for Manichean political prose; he had worked as a volunteer for George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign, raising some $24 million in donations. His reward was McGovern’s mailing list of idealistic, well-heeled white liberals, whom he promptly soaked to finance the fledgling SPLC.”


A lot of people say Dees isn’t a jew. But all the circumstantial evidence says otherwise.


What’s strange about this is that in 1972 many whites were not happy about civil rights legislation and almost all were democrat. Is this really what this like is proud of?