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Go to the preferences (or settings) of your account and go where says “Profile Picture” and below appears your actual profile picture: a pencil logo should appear at the right side of your avatar so click it and then appears a box with a button list with three options first a “System assigned profile picture”, second a “gravatar thing” and a third that says “custom picture” choose it and then just click where says upload picture and then select a kitten picture from your device and then upload it, so later when it uploads just click “save changes” and it’ll be done. That’s an explanation of how I do it. : -)


Kitten Supremacy



Hi, I came from DS.


How ya doin’ Waifu Respecter?


Well dude, thanks.
God bless ya.


Heard about this place from TKR, great content here lads.
Never stop


Hi all, finally made an account. See a few familiar names from the DS bbs. Hope y’all are well.



Thank you for this forum, I am glad to be here. I want to create an account at the Daily Stormer forum, too, but I cannot see a way to do that. I am pro-White and jew-wise.


Dear fellow cat supremacists, what a joy to finally find a place to speak about our love of catnip and tree-climbing !
Nevertheless, i think we should all take a strong stance about problematic behavior our kind may indulge in. We have for long discriminated against rodents and people of canine descent. In the face of global roof warming, we should accept the fact that global sterilization for male cats is a necessity for the well-being of our beautiful neighborhood.
The migration of canine people is inevitable, and should be accepted as an opportunity for our community to repent from its caninophobia and specism. Remember the dark ages when trillions of rodents were eliminated for the false assumption that they carried some kind of disease, and all the pogroms that followed for centuries after that on the same antirodentic tropes. We must all come forward and denounce these horrors and say “Never Again!”, as acceptance is what define us as true cat beings.