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Well, a real man should emanate some natural authority, so that the woman does not even dare to mess around. When i think of my father and my grandfather, they were the head of their families. They were the bosses and no woman ever questioned that.


Yeah, whatever dude. Your grandfather was allowed to discipline his woman. Take this feminist LARP nonsense to somebody else, I am only interested in reality.


This debate is tiresome. We are talking at cross purposes. Probably we will never agree in this. But that’s not necessary anyway…
However, i noticed you are one of the leaders. The one doing the Krypto-Reports and many other projects. Apart from offending my princess, you are doing a lot of great stuff that goes into the right direction. You are a funny old Zausel and i appreciate your work.


thanks bro…


I agree so much with both you and AZZ but seriously women aren’t our enemy. They are our sensible side especially if we have babies I have 2 BTW we need them and they need us. They are our right side and we are their left. We can not be whole without them. We need unity in the sexes.


That’s just crazy talk.


Only in ZOG. If the 2nd civil war happens, then afterwards then it’s not crazy after all, if we win our own homeland- Some of us had made it happen in this current time. We deserve Hitler’s award lol, but we should keep our chins up


Cages!!! The only answer!