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Women are important. The problem is that Jewish feminism has damaged them and most of them are walking sex toys who have been empowered to take half your shit in divorce proceedings. Their deranged behavior is creating all sorts of societal problems. Regardless of if you agree with Anglin’s approach on women, it is definitely an issue that needs to be tackled head on.

I personally despise the modern millennial woman. They are mostly intolerable to deal with. It’s why things like MGTOW have exploded in recent years.


this is internet derangement syndrome. i’ve seen it at many sites. some guy gets his panties in a knot about nothing and it starts a posting war. i was at a Buell biker site and someone mentioned girls on bikes or something. i responded by logically stating the reasons why women (generally speaking) should NOT ride motorcycles. i even said that some men shouldn’t ride either especially the soy-boys who never picked up a wrench in their lives… so this jackass gets all bent out of shape because his ugly asian wife rides a salt-flats bike in a straight line at high speed. that’s not at all what i’m talking about. you can put a monkey on a bike to do that…i’m talking about everyday riding. . he was really angry about what i said… well, then other dickheads chimed in and i basically told them to “FUCK OFF” and never posted again. i recently went back and the site is DEAD. everyone gets sick of that shit and leaves.


It was a toxic environment and I knew ppl that left because of that issue. They just said I’m done with it. I hated logging in and having to debate/argue with clowns all night. In retrospect I think I was arguing with Hasbara infiltrating jews trying to get my blood pressure up.


I’ll post something in general discussion and everyone can post their views on how the Brown invasion has effected our personal reality on a daily basis. I’ve got a lot of those kind of stories.


I can agree with you. It’s all correct what you say. Those feminists are doing a lot of crazy shit and causing a lot of unnecessary problems in these days. I’m also aware of the millenials, which seem to be a plain forgettable generation. Unfortunately most Western societies are dominated by terrible women with stupid obsessions. BUT there are also many good women out there who are on our side. I’m talking about real women. Woke, attractive, intelligent, based women, who share our worldview and who also despise those freaky leftist feminist skanks. Real women suffer from feminism much the same as men. Degenerate feminism made it possible that most women of the establishment are in their positions only because of their gender, but not because of their skills. Especially the political and media sectors of the West are full of useless women who never did a real job or never got an associate degree. Good real women are usually more skilled and qualified than those establishment skanks. They are often subdued by the skanks who consider them as a threat to their parasitic existences.
So it’s important to distinguish between real women and skank women. It is stupid to condemn all women. We should be realistic about this issue. Men need women, and women need men. It’s the concept of nature. We can’t live without one another. This is our destiny and we should accept it.
Surely a lot of good decent women were already deterred and driven away by Anglin and his homo circus. Very few decent women are either that resilient or that masochistic to tolerate such a degree of contempt. That kind of attitude is just counter-productive in regard of the right movement. It’s not helpful to title them “frontholes” or “3-holers”. The good women deserve our respect, care, protection and support. They are our white sisters, not our enemies… The leftist freaks and skanks are hopeless cases anyway. They are so stupid, hysterical and weird. It’s only a waste of time to argue with them. They are their own worst enemies. They might feel superior now, but someday they will end up as embittered lonely wrecks. The best way to fight them is just to ignore them or to laugh at them.

I once read Anglin even endorses the use of sharia law against women. This is totally retarded. Islam is an evil brainfart and must be despised completely. Nothing of this evil sandnigger cult should ever be adopted by civilized white people. Rather it is our duty to protect our women against islamic savages and their perversions by all means! But not to torture them with sick monkey laws.

I think it would be an improvement if there were more women around here at this forum. It’s always interesting to read about the views and experiences of nationalist women.
As our chief you should regard this issue.
This forum could be an asylum for nationalist women. We are the good ones. We are a real alternative to all the insanity and degeneracy of these days. We should attract as much women as possible to our good cause.

A website called “Kittenstormer” should be friendly to all kinds of pussies.
It’s OK to be white. But it’s also OK to be heterosexual and to like women.


lol, yeah, Aryan princesses are totally a thing…


You almost sound like a cynic.



you think?


YES… They are!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Aryan princesses do still exist. Even in these miserable days
There is no need to become an ass matador…


Your aryan princess is Tyrone’s cum dumpster.


They are called coalburners, not Aryan princesses


semantics schmantics


Whatever you say. With due respect, Your perspective on white women is just pessimistic. Almost like shilling for anti white agenda.


Just being honest with men. Women have to change, and the only way they’ll change is to be under men’s control again.


Look at all the familiar faces.


That women thing is a controversial topic.
One must always be aware of women and their complicated behaviour. But a real white man should be able to handle this, without becoming a complete asshole…
And MY aryan princess despises all kinds of niggers. She would rather crush Tyrone’s filthy balls and hang him up on the next tree.



Did you just turn into spankwench69 or whatever he called himself?


Did you mean @Spahnranch1969?
Explain further…?


How you gonna "handle it?’ Any reasonable way to handle it will wind you up in jail
I’m not being an asshole bud. I’m being real.