Welcome to the Infostormer Forum


Fucking brilliant!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I like your avatar! Very expressive :+1:


Hey thanks! I’ll post it and the others I have for you and others who might to spread them :).


I love this, it is awesome.


Am back! Greetins n :heartpulse: fae Alba (scotland)!


New to the forum here. someone sent me a link the site on another forum I post on.

I didn’t see a introduction thread so I thought I would post here.


Hey glad to see Infostormer is back up. I had been checking periodically, and then stopped. Glad I checked back today. Glad to see some familiar faces.


Hello there! I’m Kimball. I’m new to this forum as well. Glad to see some familiar names as well!


Whey hey! I just realised that Infostormer was back and has been for some time! I was still mourning the demise of my beloved Infostormer when I discovered it was back up!

Happy days! I’ve got some catching up to do!


Thank you! When the hell did Infostormer go back up? I thought we were permanently shoahed! I just happened to check randomly after being booted off shitter - and whey hey - back in business!


I think Lee came back up around the beginning of last November. It’s great to see you back LambChops.


Welcome back. The site has been back up since late 2017. It hasn’t been easy either. Jewish terrorists don’t want any sort of criticism of them online… even if it is just one guy like myself blogging about them in my part time.


You do a fantastic job promoting global kitten supremacy :wink: The sooner more people become red-pilled on the JQ and realise that (((they live))) they better.


Great to be back, Steve!


This is one of the very few pro-White websites where everyone (almost) always gets along. Even something as controversial as the doxing of Lil’ Ricky hasn’t caused too much drama. If only the other sites were like this one we could all be making some actual progress in the war against King Kike.


There are NO ‘cuter’ kittens than Infostormer! I think I can guarantee that!


There’s a reason why I used Angry Birds as my avatar…




You let people like that in here?


Fuck you Mr. Spangle, along with your superficial knowledge. No need to spread senseless aggression against white brothers here… Geh kacken Mann!!! :fu: