Welcome to the Infostormer Forum


Yeah - we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Looks like Jews are trying to kike my domain by whining to the domain registrar.


What’s the good word, brother?



Kittens do nothing wrong \0



Glad to see you back up and running.
I hope it stays up for awhile!


Thanks - we’ll see how it goes.

If they suspend the domain I’ll just get another and repeat the process.


clockwork orange gif


Great to see the site is still alive and well! Good to see ya’ll. 1509564980605


I wish somebody would’ve given me a heads up though.


Welcome back. I’ve been making announcements about all this stuff on Gab.


Didn’t see any until today. Glad you’re back and the flagship site is back on.



I guess this is where I drop off my pro semitic kitten?


He’s too cute to be pro semitic. There must be some mistake!


Well, his name is Mr. Katz!




Lene Lovich! Haven’t thought about her in a long time. Glad I clicked on to your link. I love that punk / new wave /disco stuff from the late 70s. There was a certain kind of decadent 1920s Berlin/Dada quality to all of it.



I can’t yet figure out how to post the you tube videos here like I can on gab.


It’s not your fault. The onebox function that’s supposed to display YouTube videos just doesn’t work for some reason and I’ve been unable to determine why. All the software is allowing is for the link to display which unfortunately is not ideal.


Yes, i too thought you were gone until a few days ago. Glad your back!


Hey M.I.A. ds fam, I’ve looked around here and have seen some familiar faces. You are missed! https://bbs.thegoyimknow.to/t/goys-from-bbs-i-miss-most-since-the-september-shoah/139390/22 Heil Victory!