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should have a link to the forum from the Infostormer front page


Welcome back brothers !!!


@Steve Good to see you again, Comrade!


I had an account before IS got shoahed. Apparently, my credentials got lost in the chaos and they were not accepted as I tried to log in. Now I re-registered and cannot get the fucking avatar picture loaded. OK. I am a nigger until somebody enlightens me or I figure it out. The page doesn’t display right because instead of small icons I have a rectangle displayed instead on all the action buttons.

Edit: I couldn’t load the avi through TOR but did it with normie browser. I am set niggers.



Happy belated turkey day fam!


It feels great to be back! Our cat caught a rat yesterday too! 46f10e7e115aa12f8fd573c7b7839420b3b974b5-618x406


Just found out you were back online!


Yep - spread the word.

Took some time to solidify some infrastructure… but we’ll see how this goes from here.


I think things are starting to loosen up a bit as far as censorship, etc. There’s that Cloudflare story today and the DS has been up for quite a while now.

Glad you’re back.

I have a big mouth and I’ll be more than happy to spread the word all over the 'net.