We are not Rome… We are Carthage


Make no mistake, we are far, far more degenerate than Carthage and getting worse. Sending every promising son of the West to college, which is really priesthood training in disguise, is one thing. Sending every elite daughter to college is temple prostitution by any other name. Temple prostitutes do not marry or have happy families. Some temple prostitutes graduate into the priesthood, i.e. the media-education-NGO complex, most are dumped back into the civilian word ruined and unmarriageable. Either way, high IQ young women need to have babies and turning all of them into ritual prostitutes is suicide.

Don’t believe me? What do temple prostitutes do with the kids that inevitably resulted from their duties? Ritualized abortion, of course, which is another sacred cow of our society. Or they raise the resulting spawn to be temple prostitutes themselves. What do the daughters of single mothers grow up to be today? Yeah, you know the answer.

It is also encouraged and ritualized by the ruling theocracy for our young men to castrate themselves. The priesthood today is trying to escalate matters, trying to make the ritual buggery of our young sons into a sanctified religious practice.


Isn’t it interesting how Twitter and FB have the ability to permanently ban accounts that call liberals, politicians, and general lying scumbags out on their shit like Occupy Democrats Logic, Garbage Human, I, Hypocrite, and the investigative blog Turtleboy Sports to the point many of them couldn’t create backup accounts without an auto ban, but can’t scrape pedos off their platform (or what I’m getting at…they just don’t want to.)


If social media had a soul it would be dark, twisted and Jewish (not that they have souls). That whole Jewish rational for pedophilia (and any other sick jewish perversion) being ok if you don’t act on it is where the cultural divide between Jew and Christian lies.

If you are a jew reading this make no mistake, pedophilia is part of Talmudic Judaism and the leading public face of pedophilia in the US, NAMBLA, is a Jewish creation founded and lead by Jews, with a disproportionate Jewish representation. Judaism is an affront to humanity, and if you are a Christian, an affront to God.


So, the most important spiritual fact is that we in The West are ruled by purposive, deliberate, strategic evil.