Warring Congo Negroids Thwart WHO


with all the bad news lately about Trump morphing into Bush, i thought that i’d post an uplifting story of war and disease in The Congo. As we all know, tribal warfare in in their blood & cripts . the monkey people have been waging war on each other for thousands of years and the only thing that has changed is that they now use modern weapons made by white-man so i expect the number of kills to increase. the African gangland style wars have also hampered the efforts of white jackasses at The WHO who are -for some explicable reason- desperate to increase the nigger population of the world and thwart the natural population control processes of disease and starvation which has kept a balance for over one million years. but they know best…


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Last week, fighters from the armed Mai-Mai rebel group attacked a treatment centre in Butembo, one of the towns at the centre of the crisis. This week, two patients were killed during an assault on a treatment centre in Katwa, the second such incident in the town this month.

Why isn’t this reason enough for the aid workers to realise they cannot bring civilisation to Africa?


they don’t even realize it here in the USA despite the fact that every single black area of our country is a crime-ridden, no-go zone. just look what happened to James Watson.


James Watson is the Galileo of our century.


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